A thank you letter to my best friends

Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, I thought I’d share what I’m most thankful for- my friends. To my many different friends, from all from different points in my life, thank you for shaping me into the person I am today. I don’t know who/where I’d be without you.

First, thank you to my first friends, who I’ve been lucky enough to spend every summer with since I was five years old. Thank you for being my brothers and sisters, encouraging reckless activity, and never judging me. Only being able to see you guys for two months out of the year makes our friendship that much stronger. I’m so thankful to be able to say I have family in Atlanta, Winnipeg, Oakville, Salt Lake City, and Detroit. Over the years, all of our diverse backgrounds and families have blended into one. From spending the whole day down on the beach, to playing hide-and-go-seek around the complex until curfew, I wouldn’t change a thing. From our first time drinking alcohol, to our first time our hearts were broken, we experienced it together and always had a funny story to bring up five years later about it. At an early age, I found my bridesmaids. Thank you for being my best friends, no matter how far away we may be from each other.

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Secondly, thank you to my hometown friends. Though the size of my friend circle may have shrunk by a million, I greatly appreciate every memory and every milestone I’ve experienced with each of you. Thank you for liking me even after I dyed my hair black and thank you for keeping in touch, despite my horrible ability to do the same. You guys have seen me at my worst, yet never fail to remind me of it; this is what friends are for. Though our paths may have diverged, thank you for being there when I didn’t know which path to take.

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…Now a thank you to my lifetime best friend, who took me off my high horse and brought me down to earth by a swift kick to the shins and my ego back in 7th grade. I knew I met my soul mate when you made me feel important and loved me for being myself. To this day, you are my rock. I can only hope that everyone gets to experience this kind of friendship at least once in their lifetime. Thank you for growing up with me- please don’t ever stop growing up with me.

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(I did us both a favor and didn’t pick pictures from when we were young).

Lastly, I’d like to thank my newest friends; my Bonnies- I can’t believe it took me 20 years to meet my best friends. You guys have given me memories that’ll last a lifetime. From all the parties we don’t remember, to the spontaneous road trips we’ll never forget, I’m glad we realized we’re all much weirder/ better together. I appreciate every single one of you for making my college experience the best four years of my life. Thank you for being my second family and making me laugh until I cry.

(No compilation  of pictures could perfectly sum up how awesome these people are, but I tried my best!)

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Roll Bonnies.


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