I’m inventing an app

You’d think finding my car in a parking lot wouldn’t be the most stressful part of my day. As I aimlessly and embarrassingly wander up and down rows of cars trying to locate my tiny black Chevy cobalt in a sea of similar looking cars, it hits me-

“I wish there was an app for that”

One that would prevent me from looking like a complete idiot who failed to remember where they parked their vehicle just a short 50 minutes before. Once I forgot I parked my car on the complete opposite side of campus and it only took me ten minutes, and three other people helping me, until I realized. Now that was a walk of shame if I ever took one.

Yeah the alarm button is a solution, but what does a blaring, repeating horn symbolize? An idiot who forgot where she parked her car.

Therefore, I will create an app that will not only help me find my car quicker, but also save me from looking like an idiot. Now only if that app could be as effective on the weekends, then I’d be golden.


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