Monday Muse

It wouldn’t be a Monday if I didn’t wake up annoyed, tired, and unenthusiastic. The thought of a long and stressful week makes me want to crawl back into bed and never resurface… until lunch, because I actually look forward to lunch no matter what day of the week it is.

I’m convinced the weekend lasts about five minutes. Five awesome minutes. Sometimes I like to pretend the weekend is four days instead of two because in my opinion, Friday and Monday should be optional. They should be considered “transitioning days” just saying. But I don’t have enough skips in my classes to make that expectation a reality.

Waking up to a newly shattered iPhone screen this morning sums up my weekend pretty well. (there goes $100 bucks to repair it including a lecture from my parents!)

Mondays in college suck, period. It’s when all the responsibilities you were able to avoid all weekend, come at you like a freight train. It could be my birthday and I would still be upset at the fact that it landed on a Monday. I should probably get some coffee and suck it up and get through this dreadful day.

Until next time, bed.


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